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Friday, August 9, 2013

A Love Letter to my Wife

What better way to say, I love you, than in a love letter? It is perhaps one of the most romantic gestures anyone could give to their special someone. It’s a gift that doesn't cost a dime, but instead comes directly from the heart. Also, your time and effort will not go unnoticed. It will also be a way to add a little touch of spice to your relationship. It’s an affectionate form of expression and if done correctly the recipient will always have a small token of your love to refer back to time and time again. It doesn't get much better than that.
Here is an example of a breathtaking love letter, written from a loving husband’s prospective.
I found myself sitting here on our anniversary tonight just thinking on all of our memorable times together. I glow, just thinking of you and how much you’ve meant to me over the years. I am speechless when I think about the three beautiful children you gave me and how well they turned out. They are by no means perfect but a part of you and me, together. When I look at BJ, our oldest, I see your face, every time. Our middle child, Leslie has your fashion sense and style, Leonard, our baby, although he is autistic, and we had challenges more times than not, I wouldn’t change a single thing about our life together. They are all a huge part of us and I am proud to be their father as well as your loving and devoted husband.
Baby, I simply adore you! I am more attracted to you as the days go by. You’ve grown more graceful as the years have passed. Even though I don’t tell you I like your new hairstyle when you come home from the salon it doesn’t mean I didn’t notice. When you buy a new dress and I don’t comment on it, please understand that I have noticed you wearing it well and like no other woman could. Even though I know you get so angry with me for watching the game instead of spending time with you. I just want you to know that I am not by any means oblivious to your beauty; but you must understand one thing. Those things you want me to blatantly notice are important to you and I get it. I promise to do better at acknowledging those things but I am so enthralled with the woman that you are on the inside that sometimes that’s all I need to see. I fall deeper in love with you every single day, not because of how you look but because of who you are. We have both aged since our high school days when you were my high school sweetheart. You were my sweetheart then and you are my sweetheart now. There is not another woman on the face of this earth who could compete with you, no one.
I just wanted to write a love letter to my wife tonight. Baby, I only have eyes for you! When I took those vows sixty five years ago, I meant every word. Even after we are long gone from this world, you will be the only woman I have ever truly loved. As I lay here on this hospital bed, reminiscing, I don’t have any regrets about my life with you. You have made my life worthwhile. I was a better man because you were in it. As you know, the doctors only gave me three more days to live; I need you to know how much I love you. From the bottom of my heart, I do!
Your devoted husband,


By: Susanna K. Green

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