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Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to autograph your novel

Signing your autograph is more than just signing your name on a piece of paper. It is a part of your branding experience and has sentimental value to your fans.

CHOOSE AN APPROPRIATE SIGNING TOOL- Use a permanent fine point marker with indelible ink to sign your books. Indelible ink is waterproof and contains volatile organic compounds which evaporate to dry the ink. Colored ink is also acceptable and it stands out more. Make sure to have more than one, as a backup. Ballpoint pens tend to fade where the permanent marker will continue to look good for years.

AUTOGRAPGH THE TITLE PAGE- The most common practice for authors to autograph a paperback book is on the title page.

ASK FOR THE CORRECT SPELLING OF THEIR NAME- No matter how simple the name sounds, people have found creative ways to spell their name nowadays. For instance, Suzy could be spelled Susie or Kristine could be spelled Kristeen.

CHOOSE A SIGNATURE PHRASE- “Warm wishes,” “All my best,” “Kind regards,”…etc; or you may opt for a personalized message, which is even better.

PERSONALIZE A MESSAGE- If possible, personalize every book you sign. Your goal should be for the reader to value your book and cherish it for years to come. Not to mention for bragging rights to their friends.

PRACTICE YOUR SIGNATURE- Sign your name the same way every time. This helps to decipher your real signature from impostor signatures; and always make sure your name is legible.

SIGN YOUR FULL NAME- This is deemed as the traditional way, but just using your first name is suitable also.

THANK YOUR BUYER- You want your fans to feel highly appreciated and glad that they came out to support you. Not only do you want them to say what a good read your book was, but also, what a nice person you were when referencing you to their friends.

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