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Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to prepare for media interviews

A media interview is your chance to sell yourself to the public, so be interesting and honest.

PREPARE QUESTIONS- Anticipate the interviewer's questions; compose a list that you think you might be asked and rehearse several answers. You still may be asked a question that you weren’t prepared for, but study as many as you can.

ASSUME THE INTERVIEWER HAS NOT READ YOUR BOOK- Provide the producer with a list of questions to ask you during your interview, so that you aren’t stumbling over questions you weren’t prepared for.

BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOUR BOOK IS ABOUT IN A FEW SENTENCES- When describing your novel; make sure not to give away the ending. You want the listeners to be intrigued enough to run out and purchase your book to find out how the story ends.

KEEP YOUR ANSWERS BRIEF AND TO THE POINT- Your goal is to sound educated on your topic, keeping your audience interested and engaged for a short period of time.

BE AUTHENTIC- You are not just selling a product, you are also selling yourself. So always be genuine. Even though, you may be inspired by other authors, you want to have your own style.

TELEVISION INTERVIEWS- Arrive at the studio early. Don’t use too many hand gestures which can be distracting to your viewers. Do not interrupt the host when he/she is speaking. Typically, you will look at the host and not at the cameras, unless, otherwise instructed. Wear solid colors, no patterns. Red, blue, dark teals, rich greens and purples are good colors to wear for television. Wearing something with lapels makes it easy to attach a clip-on microphone.

RADIO INTERVIEWS- Arrive at the studio early. Find out ahead of time how long the interview will be so you’ll know how much attention to give each of your answers. Avoid these sayings- “Like” and “Umm.” It sounds unprofessional and can look as if you are doing a poor job articulating your thoughts. Avoid slang. Speak clearly so your audience understands you.

THANK YOUR INTERVIEWER- Send a thank-you note to the interviewer. It will go a long way and show humility on your part. It would also be a nice gesture to send them a free autographed copy of your book.

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