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Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Sure Signs you’re falling In Love with her

Have you ever been in love? I mean really in love? It is by far one of the most exhilarating feelings on earth.
A euphoric sensation, indeed! Your heart beats like a drum to the beat of a sweet melody by your all-time favorite band. Heres seven ways you know you’re falling for her now.
You've forgotten your ex
The thought of you getting back with your ex is now a distant memory. You surely may still care about their well-being, but now you've redirected your attention to your new lady love.
What was my ex’s name again?
Your new motto becomes “out with the old and in with the new” in no time flat when you’re in love.
You don’t notice other women as much because you can’t stop thinking about her.
Your mind drifts often and those wandering thoughts are all because of her. She makes you feel like the man and what an amazing surge of energy it is, to be consumed with nothing but incredible thoughts of a woman who makes you feel like a King.
Other women? What other women?
You find yourself being attentive to her and you feel so consumed with her being, others just don’t seem as important as they once were. Your stares transform to mere glances towards other women. You see them, but your adoration for your lady love takes precedence over your mind and heart.
You care about her
You want to actually know what makes her tick and why she does the things she does. You have an insatiable need to understand her. Your desire is to protect her and you are concerned for her well-being.
You love spending time with her because of your amazing chemistry
Just the thought of her can arouse you. You find yourself attracted to her in so many ways. You will start to find her little quirks to be amusing and the things that should annoy you won’t.
It doesn't matter if you are out hobnobbing at an event, having a fine dining experience, playing pool at the local sports bar or spending the evening at home curled up together on the couch. Just the fact that you are together fulfills you.
Compromising is not an issue
Did you actually just sit through an entire episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, really? Unaware of the alien that has overtaken your body, you don’t mind compromising. Even though, chick flick reality TV is not your thing, you make a sincere effort to give and take.
You start thinking about a future with her
You love spending time with your sweetheart and you have a heartfelt belief that she’s “The One”. When you sit back and really think over the time you've spent together, you can’t get past the emotions you feel and your constant state of enjoyment. You think about going to bed with her every night and waking up to her every morning and you will not apologize for it!
Still not convinced you've gone from like to love?
Dr. Seuss gave us one of the best love symptoms yet, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

By Susanna K. Green


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