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Thursday, October 8, 2015

All About Tea: Surprising Health Benefits You Should Know by Susanna K. ...

Learn how to combat health issues from a common cold to cancer, just by sipping on the right kind of tea.

Build a Strong Knowledge Base on the Subject of TEA and its Potent Anti-Cancer Properties.
Learn the health benefits of TEA
Obtain company secrets regarding their tea bags
Discover 10 different cultural tea ceremonies
Learn about 5 types of tea best for good health
A healthy addition to your diet for dynamic health
Learning the importance of drinking tea puts powerful and useful information at your disposal. Drinking tea is virtually effortless, and requires no special skill; it's tasty and very good for you, providing your cells with potent antioxidants and other vital nutrients your body needs to upgrade your health.
Learn all about the fascinating TEA traditions from all across the globe. Tea is used by many cultures for medicinal purposes, to heal the sick and maximize their quality of life, while others just enjoy afternoon tea with friends as a social outing. Either way, you cannot go wrong by filling your pantry with the world's most popular beverage, besides water.
This course will take you through the history and origin of tea and the many health benefits that comes from drinking it, like reducing chronic conditions such as heart disease, inflammatory disorders and keeping cholesterol levels down and our health and longevity prospects up. Tea has demonstrated a remarkably broad spectrum of health benefits that are widely recognized among Eastern medicine and beyond.