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Friday, August 8, 2014

Sweet Nectar Book Trailer's presents "27 Hours."

This book trailer was created for the novel entitled, 27 Hours, by Gerald C. Anderson.

In just over a day, Earth will be destroyed! 27 Hours, the second novel from Gerald C. Anderson, Sr. tells a fictional story of faith. Christians around the world question their beliefs while others laugh at them. Led by Bishop Milton Carroll's announcement, parties sprang up everywhere. Sex, violence, drugs, and alcohol rule the last hours. Everything is free for those who enter the party place called "The Peachtree Zone." Moral conviction is abandoned. Satan is busy luring many believers away from God. What would you do ... give into the world or stick to your faith? Do you succumb to the pressure of the world or do you hold to your faith? Is the substance of things hoped for stronger than the impending doom facing the world? How will you spend your last 27 hours?
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